My Lab Diamond is located in beautiful British Columbia. We specialize in fine jewelry using the highest quality lab-grown diamonds. Our goldsmiths can create beautiful custom jewelry for you–perfect for any occasion.

At My Lab Diamond, we believe fine jewelry should be admired for its beauty, not price. We are confident that we can beat the price of any of any jewelry store for a similar product. Please browse our spectacular collection of custom jewelry and discover the beauty of lab diamond.


Lab diamonds have the exact same chemical composition as mined diamonds except they are created in a lab, making them conflict-free and eco-friendly. Because they are pure carbon, they also share the same optical properties and hardness as mined diamonds. Measuring a 10 on the Mohs scale, no other gemstone can match diamond’s durability and toughness. Lab diamonds generally look flawless to the naked eye as they lack the visible inclusions that some mined diamonds have. However, some minute imperfections can still be seen under a microscope. As for the cost of lab diamonds, the price is not controlled in the same way mined diamonds are, making them much less expensive than the equivalent mined diamond.